2012 Iowa Harvest Is Underway

As October has just begun, several farmers in Poweshiek County and the surrounding area have a good start on the 2012 corn harvest and are working diligently on harvesting soybeans. Given the extremes we have experienced throughout this growing season, e.g. drought, wind, heat, etc., it appears the corn yields are all over the board as many factors pertaining to each farm are considered this year, such as soil type, fertility, and drainage capacity to name a few.  The corn yields have ranged from 100 to 180 bushels per acre for field averages.  Despite the variance in yield, we are fortunate the quality of the corn has remained good with above average testweight and moisture levels between 16 and 18 percent.

With soybean harvest mid-stream we don’t want to make any assumptions, but the yields are coming in better than expected.  The rain received in August was a driving force to rejuvenate the soybeans from the extreme heat experienced in July.  Most areas received between 3 and 5 inches on average in August.  The rain, coupled with fungicide and insecticide aerial applications in areas, allowed the soybeans to finish maturing with minimal stress through mid-September.  The soybean yields have been ranging from the upper 50s to mid 60s for field averages.  Due to the uneven emergence from the dry weather this past spring, there were fields earlier on with soybeans not quite fully mature with a high moisture content, which resulted in leaving some soybeans left standing in the fields to dry down.  At this time, the soybeans moisture level is ranging between 9 and 11 percent.  Given the 7-day forecast, most should wrap-up soybean harvest by early next week.

Stay tuned for more 2012 harvest updates this fall.

From the desk of Matt Mann, Accredited Farm Manager with Iowa Land Sales, LLC and local farmer near Montezuma, Iowa

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