American Farm Bureau Federation Comment Regarding Farm Bill Conference

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 30, 2013 – The American Farm Bureau Federation is very pleased that formal conference committee talks on the farm bill have begun today, which has renewed our optimism that we truly are nearing the end of a three-plus year trek.  With the legislation and process back in the hands of the Senate and House agriculture committee leaders and members, we are eager to do all we can to ensure the new farm bill is on the president’s desk as soon as possible this year.

Farm Bureau’s two overarching goals with the Senate-House conference are ensuring that permanent law is not repealed and a complete, unified farm bill continues. With this foundation, we also will be hard at work to make sure the efforts by both committees to provide safety net and risk management options that work for farmers in all regions, including those provisions across the many titles that would help livestock and specialty crop producers, are maintained.

We know the conferees face several tough decisions on how to move forward on a unified farm bill that will pass the House and Senate when completed.  AFBF is confident that the leaders and members of both committees will continue demonstrating their commitment and ability to forge a bipartisan compromise, and we are equally committed to doing our part to help them achieve this outcome. It is time to get the harvest in on the new five-year farm bill.

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