Partnering With Farm Agencies

Partnering with conservation professionals and farm agencies is a step every Iowa farmer should take to ensure the health and prosperity of their farm today and into the future.

However, working with these agencies can be confusing and intimidating for the uninitiated. The sheer number of programs and resources available through your local Farm Service Agency (FSA), Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Army Corps of Engineers, and other agencies can be utterly mind-numbing. Then there’s the inevitable confusion over which agency is the right resource on those issues that seem to blur the lines between agency directives.

Failing to make sense of this alphabet soup of agencies can lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities. But understanding the agencies and the programs they offer, as well as forging the relationships with the people who staff the agencies, is something a farmer does over a lifetime.

So what are you to do if you don’t have a lifetime to sort through all of this?

One good solution is to work with a professional land management company that already understands the roles of the various agencies, has the personal relationships with the people inside them, and has the program knowledge to make sure you and your farm is being well represented so you’ll qualify and receive the benefits you are due.

You don’t need to look any further than the numerous farms scattered across Iowa that have been mistreated or mismanaged in the past to understand how critically important this issue is.

Even though the damage these farms endure is as likely to be due to “not knowing” as “not caring,” the results are the same: The farms are not in compliance with a conservation plan, no longer qualify for the incentives and programs the various agencies offer, and will need years of careful management to be restored to their original robustness. After all, good intentions don’t run farms. Good farm managers do. And “not knowing” is not an excuse.

If partnering with conservation professionals is new territory for you, or if you are at all uncertain about the various agencies and programs that exist to help you succeed as a farmer, we encourage you to contact the professional farm managers of Iowa Land Sales & Farm Management.

We have helped countless Iowa farm families build and protect their farming legacy with responsible management and conservation strategies that includes partnerships with the many agencies tasked with advancing Iowa farming and supporting the Iowa farmer.

We are farmers ourselves so we share the pride and determination that drives you to make the most of every acre. But don’t ever feel like you’re on your own. Partner with us and partner with the agencies that can empower you to succeed in today’s complex business of farming.

Contact us today.

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