Securing The Future of Iowa’s Women Farmers

Dale Farland

As the Iowa Women’s Landowner Conference approaches we continue our series of posts introducing the featured speakers. Today we’ll get to know Jeffrey S. Ritchie and Dale Farland, both of Hills Bank and Trust Company. Together they will touch on these critical questions that every woman landowner will want to be able to answer:

  1. How do you plan for your retirement income?
  2. What sources of retirement income will you have?
  3. How do you project your retirement income gap?

Dale points out the importance of that third point – knowing your potential income gap – so that you can begin working to bridge it. She points out that the usual fixed sources of retirement income – social security, pensions, cash rent, et. al – often don’t amount to enough to cover all of the after-tax expenses. Strategies for funding that gap, then, should be on the mind of all farmers.

Jeff Ritchie

During the conference, Jeff and Dale hope to touch on some of the important considerations women need to weigh when thinking about their retirement investments, such as withdrawal rates and other critical factors.

Asked about the importance of a conference such as this one, Jeff points out that, statistically speaking, women are likely to outlive their husbands by many years, “So it’s important that they have the tools necessary to step in and make informed decisions that will keep the farm healthy and prosperous for years to come,” he said.

Dale expands on that by explaining that she has met many farm wives who, after a lifetime of working side-by-side with their husbands, suddenly find their role drastically changed and they need a whole new set of skills and knowledge to meet that challenge. “I often joke that I’m kind of a frustrated educator,” she said. “And I really enjoy being able to enlighten women and provide them with information that will be useful to them in mapping out their own financial futures.”

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