Responsible Farm Management

Leaving the Land Better Than We Found It

Our way of doing business at Iowa Land Sales & Farm Management is driven by the philosophy of “leaving the land better than we found it.” Being third and fourth generation farmers ourselves, we are enormously grateful that those who came before us not only instilled that virtue in us, but also practiced it, so that our family farms were healthy and profitable when it came our turn to take over. Today, we continue that tradition of responsible farm management on our own farms and those of our clients.

We do this by taking the time to listen to our clients so we can understand their operation and what they want for the future of their farm and family. Based on that, we develop a unique plan for each farm that we manage. This plan is our roadmap, and we’ll refer to often and follow it closely for as long as that farm is in our stewardship.

We sort out all of the details, big and small – everything from choosing the best leasing arrangement to meeting at the farm to plan a new evergreen grove around the farmstead. We pride ourselves on making sure all of details are addressed and completed in a timely manner.

Everyone at Iowa Land Sales & Farm Management believes that, even though we may own the ground, we are no more than renters of the land: If we don’t care for it while it’s in our possession, we are disabling the next generation. And while it may seem easy to overlook some details in exchange for short term gain, we all need to spare a glance backward and be thankful that previous generations didn’t trade our livelihood for their convenience.

In my personal case, our farm has been in the family for over 100 years and passed down for five generations. Having a Christian based, selfless attitude has helped my family to keep the farm sustainable. We’ve done so with routine maintenance throughout the years and by investing in the necessary improvements and upgrades along the way – everything from fertilizer to drainage tile. Being responsible caretakers is simply part of our way life and something we pass from generation to generation along with the land.

Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years are also some of the simplest. For example, if a board falls off a fence, you take the time to fix it. Of course, that goes hand-in-hand with another important lesson: There’s more than one way to fix a fence.

Simple as they may be, I use those lessons today when managing farms for my clients. I fix the small things before they become big things. And I never assume that what worked on one farm will automatically work on another farm. Each farm I manage is unique and needs to be treated and cared for accordingly.

If this way of doing things, and our philosophy of “leaving the land better than we found it” sounds like something you’d like to have for your farm, I’d like to invite you to give me a call or send me an email. Let’s talk about your farm and how we can work together to make it better for the next generation.

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