3 Reasons Ag Pros Must Embrace Social Media

Get off the fence and dig into collaborative communication methods.

Advances in smartphone technology and the evolution of social networking during the past decade have opened up hundreds if not thousands of new communication channels for land brokers, farm managers, and legal professionals to connect with and add value to their clients.

A great deal of collaboration is necessary to help close successful real estate transactions and land deals, and new technologies help sales agents, land managers and real estate law attorneys get in front of the right people at the right time. At Iowa Land Sales, we’re committed to embracing a wide array of print and digital media platforms aimed at staying in touch with our employees, coworkers, customers and friends amid a bustling Iowa ag economy in which farmers operate farm machinery equipped with auto steering, laptop computers and GPS devices.

Now we’re looking to build our network of buyers, sellers, agents, owners, attorneys, CPAs, lenders and other industry pros as emerging trends in social media, electronic publishing, video conferencing and other communication channels uncover greater opportunities for collaboration among those working in multiple fields.

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, agent, owner, attorney, lender or developer, we hope you will find value in this post, including three reasons why those involved with land transactions or the legal issues associated with them should consider how plugging into sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn could lead to big yields in the next 10 years.

1. Search no more
Before the Internet phenomenon took the world by storm, access to timely information regarding land transactions and property data often required a trip to the county auditor’s office. As more and more traditional publishers, government agencies and real estate-related trade groups place their messages online, a simple search on Google or access to a LinkedIn Group has the potential to reveal acres of credible land-related investment opportunities, educational events and agriculture news.

2. Not a fad
Print is not dead. Email is not dead. Social media is not dead. Yet without proper attention, the opportunity to fully utilize these assets could dry up fast as new communications platforms come online. More people are looking to the web and mobile devices to pose real estate-related questions and find land-related answers. What’s stopping you from joining the conversation?

3. Ahead of the curve
Videos and photos are great ways to cut through the noise and share listing information, auction results and development opportunities with industry partners and prospective customers. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube or another social site you choose to share and consume images that reflect your interest in farmland or real estate, embracing these increasingly popular pieces of online content now could give you an advantage as competing owners or agents take a wait-and-see approach. Don’t underestimate the power of pictures to evoke an emotional response in potential investors and others with an interest in the ag sector.

It’s 2012. Modern websites and blogs, social media connectors and other self-publishing tools are helping Iowa businesses reinforce their value to their clients and potential clients. Don’t miss out on a chance to network by overlooking powerful communication tools that could help connect your company, your property or your personal brand with local, regional and national prospects in our vibrant agricultural sector.

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